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How addiction affects the family

How addiction affects the family

When someone is dealing with a drug or alcohol dependancy issue he/she is not just hurting themselves.  The people closest to them are also influenced by the behaviours that come along with an addiction.  Family members are affected greatly by the unhealthy lifestyle that accompanies addiction. Parents, children, spouses and also friends of the family can be negatively impacted by the decisions made by and for the addict.

The addiction is not just about the substance being abused. It can have a tremendous affect on their behaviour and thinking patterns which directly and indirectly impacts the family. Family members become preoccupied with the addict and conversely develop there own bad habits to help cope or even numb themselves to the unhealthy family dynamic.

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Addictions treatment, Resort environment

Addictions treatment in a resort environment

If you are looking for help to overcome your addiction a new option is available.  Always Hope is a new treatment facility located near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

We offer North American based addictions treatment in a resort environment set along the beautiful north coast of the Dominican Republic.We have a top Canadian counsellor who has based the program on the 12 steps but also helps teach you how to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life without the use of any mind altering substance.

If you need to get away from your toxic environment and want help to acquire the tools necessary to deal with your substance abuse issues we at Always Hope would love to help.  We have first class facilities (pool, private rooms, maid service, lush vegetation) and the climate can’t be beat. Admitting you need help is a huge obstacle to overcome, so why not make it feel like a mini vacation.

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