My 17 year old son’s View on Addiction

“A lot of people get a bad thought in their head when they hear the word addiction. The word has been engraved into our heads to be negative. Everyone whether they may admit to it or not has some form of addiction in their life. It isn’t something that is exclusive to certain people.

I grew up around people who had and still have problems with addiction, my father was one person who had problems with addiction when I was growing up. Growing up and seeing people with problems when it comes to addiction is challenging especially while being young. My father was prescribed painkillers and later became mentally dependent on them. This started to become a problem not only for him but for my mother and brother. Since this became a problem he knew he had to quit so he did, he went to a rehab in Canada and it worked for him, but he didn’t like the way the rehab was he said it felt more like confinement then a place that he would want to be for recovery. Because of this he wanted to create his own rehab to help people but also give them more freedom then your typical rehab center, so that’s what he did.

My mom and dad started a rehab in the Dominican Republic to help people with addiction while also showing them paradise. I’ve seen many different characters come to our rehab center and it made me realized that addiction isn’t just something that affects specific people, but that it affects everyone. I’ve seen people in denial about their addiction and I believe that people shouldn’t be.

Growing up around my father’s addiction made me realize that addiction isn’t exclusive to certain people, it can affect anyone. Despite the negative stigma attached to it, I’ve seen firsthand that recovery is possible. My father’s journey, from struggling with prescription painkillers to successfully overcoming his addiction and founding a rehab center in the Dominican Republic, highlights the importance of addressing addiction with understanding and support. His story serves as a reminder that with the right approach, recovery is achievable, and everyone deserves a chance to heal.”

I love that my boy wrote this for a high school project, proud of him.

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