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On and offsite activities at our center

The Dominican Republic has lots to offer in the form of activities on your road to recovery. There are many water sports such as surfing, there are amazing golf course’s and plenty of natural adrenaline rushes to be enjoyed. If you just want to sit by the pool, or at the beach in your free time we provide the time to relax and recuperate. We want the process of healing your mind, body and spirit to be as easy a journey as possible and so you will not be confined to the treatment facilities. If you want to enjoy all the great things life can offer join us at Always Hope where we can help you get the life back that you always dreamed of.

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my addictions such as alcoholOnsite activities

-private swimming pool
-lounging area
-walking trails
-lush garden

Offsite activities

-nature walks
-horseback riding (extra cost)
-beach volleyball
-golfing (extra cost)
-fishing (extra cost)
much more

activities in the Caribbean

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