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Addiction: What do Addicts know?

What do Addicts know?

Addicts learn many life lessons through the unfortunate progression of the disease and also through the steps taken to overcome. Many so-called “normal folk” never truly appreciate the life they are living. This is due to the fact that they never have to battle the difficulties and demons that most addicts do. Addicts come to accept their past, make amends to those they have affected and move forward with an enlightened view on their life and the world around them. The steps taken to recover from addiction can be uncomfortable, but in the end the serenity and peace that comes from conquering their addiction help create a healthier and highly productive member of society.

addicts inspire


Addicts come to believe that existing is not enough. 

Addicts that recover often compare their previous life as a “living hell”. When you can conquer those demons and can rise from the depths of despair the future and all obstacles and challenges that remain are relatively minuscule in comparison. It doesn’t mean that addicts are living in a fantasy world, its just that having gained a new perspective on life they can manage and handle any new situations with a clear mind.

Almost everyone can benefit from taking the time to work through the 12 steps. The insight people receive by taking an in-depth look into their past and present help put into perspective what’s important in life, and what actions are needed to have a productive future. Anyone wanting to gain more knowledge on the steps, or if you are interested in what addicts learn and work through you can click on the links above.

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