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Procrastination and Addiction

Procrastination won’t get you results

Procrastination or putting off till tomorrow what you could tackle today is a recipe for disaster. If addiction is controlling your life, tomorrow may not be an option. Many people procrastinate too long and unfortunately end up going to the bitter ends of jails, institutions or worse death. Today through the help of the twelve steps and/or addiction treatment there are options for you or your loved ones to have a better life. There is no need to continue just existing, why not start really living life and enjoying all the blessings the world has to offer.

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As most of us like to procrastinate to a certain extent (homework, cleaning house, etc) we come to accept that putting off until tomorrow is not such a big deal. But, to an addict who is still struggling to quit using it could mean life or death. Excuses become rampant as to why they can’t quit today (a job, family, it’s not so bad yet). Procrastinate getting help long enough and it could become “never“.

The problem becomes exponentially greater to the addict the longer they have been using. They will not be thinking clearly due to the mind-altering properties of the substance. They may have been enabled by family and friends for such a long time that they feel they can continue using for at least another day. Hopefully procrastination doesn’t last too long if you or a loved one is suffering with an addiction. Take action now before your family has to deal with the irreparable consequences that may come.

If it has come to a point in your life, or a loved ones life in which it seems addiction has taken control: don’t procrastinate and search out options today. Maybe we can help point you in the right direction. A phone call or email is free so don’t delay finding out as much information as you can. Life is too short to wait so make the most of the present.

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