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Share your story of addiction

Share your story of addiction

The path you take in life and the decisions you make help shape the person you are today.  Everybody has a story that is made up of experiences, strengths and hopes.  Taking the time to share your story in regards to your struggles with addiction can help you in your healing process, but can also inspire and help others to heal.  Addiction is a selfish and dishonest disease.  If you can be open and honest about how your life was affected and express the steps you took to overcome your addiction you can begin the healing process and also help others. More info on our stories can be found on our about us page.

story of addiction

Many of us feel ashamed to discuss the past and try to forget that rough period in life.  We want that shameful time to be forgotten and just focus on the future.  It is more helpful to remember the lessons learned from the mistakes we made and share with others to help yourself heal while also inspiring those still struggling.

Everyone has skeletons in the closet that they want to leave there. Those who have overcome an addiction have released these secrets and no longer have to carry that burden, whereas many non-addicts still suffer with past issues.  It’s almost as if those who have dealt with addiction come out stronger as their past no longer haunts them. Once we share our painful history with others they feel less ashamed and realize that humans are fallible and we all make mistakes, that doesn’t mean we are a mistake.


As time passes it becomes easier to share your story.  You feel liberated by the fact that you no longer have to hide and feel ashamed by your past, and also it can inspire others who may be able to relate to your story.  Each of us has a story that can be shared, we can’t tell someone else’s story with the same impact.  We all have something to offer when we share our past experiences, we can carry the message of hope and that we can and do recover from addiction.

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