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5 Drug-Free Natural Highs

5 Drug-Free Natural Highs

  • Laughing
  • Exercise
  • Giving of Yourself
  • Saying Thank You
  • Challenge yourself


You probably don’t need convincing to tell you that laughter is good for you, but a true belly busting laugh has been shown to releases endorphins – the body’s “feel good” drug. Laughing is a quick and easy natural high that can be done anywhere. Try to find something humorous in each day, whether you laugh at your self, with family or a funny video or picture.


The endorphins produced during all kinds of exercise (especially sex) have a chemical effect on the brain that interact with opiate receptors and reduce the perception of pain and stress. They act similarly to opiate drugs, except they are naturally occurring in the body and aren’t addictive. When your endorphin levels increase, you receive a natural high you feel happier and more relaxed.

Giving of yourself:

Being generous makes people happier than spending money on material things. It seems that’s because the giving produces joy in real-time. But also memories that last much longer than whatever satisfaction that will come from a new car jewellery, or clothes.

Saying thank you:

Showing gratitude is also a great natural high or mood-booster. Once you stop to recognize how someone has helped you, you feel happier because you will remember and appreciate it for longer. Plus, you’ll feel better about not taking advantage of favours. Who doesn’t like a good “thank you?”

Challenge yourself:

When you complete a challenging task  you get an intense feeling of accomplishment and pride. Not only does this give you a temporary boost of euphoria and happiness, but it has long term effects on your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Completing difficult challenges can provide a natural high, help build momentum and give you motivation to take on additional challenges as well. All successful people use this “completion high” to propel themselves towards greater and loftier achievement. In other words, get off that couch and start living your life! If one of your challenges is to overcome the stranglehold addiction may have on you, please contact us today 1-829-932-0123

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