choices and addiction

Choices and Addiction

Choices and Addiction

Always Hope counsellor Jim’s analysis of how addiction affects the choices that are made in our life.

In our lives we face choices everyday, but when there is an addiction present in our lives, our choices are made as the result of an addicted brain. This usually causes our choice to be based on selfishness and self-centeredness. That is to say, the choice is made as a means of hiding our using, getting more to use and using more often, and prioritizing our use of drugs over most everything else. Our choice is then made for us by a diseased brain.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; the first level is biological substanance, followed by safety needs, then love and a sense of belonging. Next is esteem needs and finally self-actualization or fulfilling one’s potential. But when drugs or alcohol enters the system, it becomes gradually prioritized to replace these needs. According to Dr. Kevin McCauley “addiction is a disease of choice”. When actively in our disease, we make a choice that allow us to continue to use, despite serious consequences. But the disease can be arrested by abstinence from all mind altering drugs and eventually our choices gradually improve and become based on relative facts rather than an underlying need to use.

At Always Hope, we try to enhance your good choices by allowing you to grow in all areas including health in mind and body, opening up emotionally, and enhancing your spiritual side.

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