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Relapse Prevention at Always Hope: A Testimony

Relapse Prevention at Always Hope: A Testimony

relapse preventionMy story of arriving at Always Hope may sound familiar to some of us uniquely thinking we are alone.

Áfter over six years of sobriety, AA meetings that tapered off once the raising and caring for family became a priority. A move from one Alberta town to another, becoming involved in community, meeting topnotch folks the excuses abounded and AA became nonexistent. Denial raised its ugly head and I slowly started “socially drinking”.

So the years past, our daughter grew and the disease became more apparent to everyone in my live except myself. Denial wasn’t able to hide any longer.

The humiliating return to AA took place but now with a determined heart that enough was never going to be enough. That this had to become a lifestyle. The Steps, counselling, the fellowship of meetings and the Hope the “ol timers” give us had to become priority. I heard the stories of folks rehab times and the current stories from visiting members at a centre out of town.

This was something I truly wanted and needed. To put aside “life” to concentrate and understand the Steps, especially that #4.
I researched facilities, their programs (specifically relapse prevention) and costs always working my program staying sober. Out of the blue comes a friend to meeting telling us of his leaving for a refresher rehab course located I the Dominican Republic! Sounded fantastic to me so I chatted with him after meeting. Immediately upon returning home I researched this facility. The more I read, the more my heart and soul told me to go for it. My friends and family supported this decision wholeheartedly.

I also couldn’t resist the pull of warm, possibly sunny climate, a small quiet place with a course designed for the individual. An added bonus of adventure trips, a different culture, language along with beaches and waves. I booked within two weeks of hearing about Always Hope to arrive late November 2016 just as my friend would be finishing his stay.

Call or text 1-829-932-0123 to find more info on the relapse prevention or full program

It was a warm very humid day when I disembarked and there were the boys to pick me up at the airport. My young friend hadn’t put together who I was as he only knew my first from meetings so what fun to surprise him.

The clarity, insight and understanding I was able to gain by opening my mind and embracing a new perspective about this disease has been profound. What freedom it was to write my Step 4 with a confidence inspired by Jim, just by telling me “There’s nothing you can say I haven’t heard before”. Only I’m responsible to treat this chronic disease and a good part of that is by sponsoring others afflicted. I now feel ready to do this and no longer overwhelmed or frightened by this.

So I’m so grateful to Roger, Shauna and the boys to have the courage to “build and they shall come” attitude it took to open their facility in the Dominican Republic.

They embrace you into their family including being coached by eldest son on playing basketball, watching Roger play basketball against and with a local team. Taking a plunge off a hand held zip line 30ft down into a lagoon and playing waves on various beaches to name some of the adventures for hard working clients.

Jims’ style of counselling was an excellent fit as he not only has the education and experience as a counsellor to deal with addictions/alcoholism but the fact he lives with many years of recovery. His quiet certaintude, humor and ability to hear and make you think about the meaning of words. So many words to express emotions we all share in varying degrees – That was enlightening. For this I am grateful.

So now begins a phase of life where I can put into practise the relapse prevention tools this experience has given me. This life that is sometimes harsh but always worthwhile living and this is my testimonial or testimony to Always Hope.

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