Decision, Decision: How do I Choose?

Decision: Why do people choose Always Hope Addiction Treatment?

With a multitude of different options available out there, I thought I’d highlight the benefits of Always Hope to help guide you in your decision. A one-size-fits-all mentality isn’t useful and so it is good there are many different facilities and philosophical ideologies to choose from. There are the tax-payer funded government funded programs, to the average priced private facilities and all the way up to the luxurious places for the rich and famous (celebrity rehab). We strive to be in the somewhere between the later 2, we have our cost at the low-end of the private facilities but the attention to detail, our luxurious facilities, our location and our small size allows us to be affordable for most people and also a place where you won’t be treated as just another statistic going through the system.

Decision, Decision: Why choose Always Hope?

decision1. Instant Reply: One of the first things most people say when they contact us is “I’m surprised someone answered the phone!” We pride ourselves on being available to talk 24/7. I have answered calls on Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday and at any hour of the night. And when you call you speak to a recovering addict and owner. We will never put our calls in the hands of a call-centre cause we understand how important it is to have someone there to talk to when you call.

Call 1-829-932-0123 now to see for yourself.

2. Feedback from guests: Check out the feedback and testimonials from some past guests. They all come from different backgrounds, careers, ages and drugs of choice but portray a similar theme. They were glad to have chosen Always Hope and were extremely impressed by the daily 1-1 counselling and also the insights and freedoms that allowed them to gain some confidence towards living a life of recovery.

3. Cost: This is the most common question when we are contacted because most individuals believe that a luxurious facility in the Caribbean would be out of their price range. The majority (not the ones who want it free) are pleasantly surprised. They could fly here and receive help to recover from their addiction at a cost 10-25% lower than any private facility they have looked at in North America.

Call 1-829-932-0123 to get a quote based on the length of stay you desire.

4. Flexible stay length: We understand that not everyone can leave family or work commitments for the “required” 28 days or 45 days or whatever “ideal” stay length is. We at Always Hope are flexible and allow you to tell us what would work for your schedule. Our full program is 30 days but if you can only find X amount of days to try and get some help, we will work with you as we may be the only place that allows such flexibility. You may not get the full program but you will still get hours of daily 1-1 counselling and a foundation to build off of.

5. Daily 1-1 counselling: At both facilities I attended in the past I was promised daily 1-1 counselling only to find out that it was more like 1 hour/week. When there is 15-30 individuals at a facility it is easy to get lost in the background, it felt more like I was just another # that need to get processed through the system like an assembly line. We limit our number to 5 so everyone can get the attention and counselling that they deserve. At Always Hope we want to connect with you on a personal level which leads to the side benefit that our guests end up feeling like part of the family and turn out to friends for the future.

6. Sun, sand, sports and surf: This should be self-explanatory. We are located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and are spoiled to have many nearby beaches and beautiful weather year-round.

Take all this information into consideration when making your decision for where you or your loved one wants to go for help.