relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention or Refresher Course

Relapse Prevention or Refresher Course

Always Hope is a residential treatment centre located 30 km outside of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Our counsellor has over a decade of experience in addiction treatment and 7 years prior to that working with addiction issues with the homeless population as an Outreach Worker. We have developed a 2 week Relapse Prevention and/or a Refresher treatment model for people in recovery that need or want to grow further in their journey of recovery. Or if you aren’t sure the 3 or 4 week program is feasible financially, this shorter program can give you a great start to recovering from your addiction.

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In the course we provide work on the first five steps of the twelve step program. We will address how cognitive behaviour therapy can help prevent relapses with additional topics/worksheets on denial, honesty, open-mindedness and humility. As well, we provide an opportunity for hours of one on one daily counselling sessions to deal with issues or problems that have come up in the individual’s past.

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