Secrets and Fears: Always Hope

Secrets and Fears

Are my secrets out in the public? Does everyone know? How will I be judged? When I decided that I was “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired” and finally took the steps to get healthy I figured everyone would know my “secrets” and that I would be judged accordingly. The truth is that most people are so busy with their own lives, and have their own skeletons in the closet that they aren’t consumed or really care about your past or secrets. People usually care more about how you are as a person “today” are you kind, happy, healthy? Yes, they may notice a difference in your appearance or glow, but until you share your story they may not know why.

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For the longest time I didn’t allow the full truth about my struggles to become public knowledge and I kept it secret. I was honest with family and a limited number of friends about what was going on but still had some fears in regards to how I would be judged. When our family decided to move to the Dominican Republic to start Always Hope addiction treatment center I felt it was time to be more open about my past for various reasons.


How could I help others if I wasn’t totally upfront with everyone about the secrets of my past? Surprisingly the vast majority of people knew something was different but just didn’t know what. They saw that I was genuinely happy, healthy and the actions I was showing portrayed more than words ever could. I feared that my secrets would affect me negatively and realized that when I shared my story with others I could help them realize that they are not alone. Everyone has different secrets from the past and sharing them can help you and others.

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