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Hope for Recovery: Life after Oxy’s

Hope for Recovery: Life after Oxy’s

Recovering from an addiction can be a difficult process. The road isn’t always smooth and you will probably encounter obstacles, challenges, hardships and heartaches. But it’s a journey that everyone hoping to recover from addiction makes. It is the only way to move from a life of destruction to a happy and healthy life. I hope that sharing a bit of my story about my experience, strength and hope I can help you realize you are not alone.


“I never thought I would be where I am today. Today my lovely wife and 2 boys enjoy living in the Dominican Republic. We are blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle I never dreamt possible. Sand and surf is just minutes away, and I am lucky to have much more time available to spend with my family due to the fact that I’m no longer chasing a high, and we have created a business that allows for much more quality family time.

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