temptation and addiction

Temptation and Addiction

Temptation and Addiction

temptation and addictionTemptations in recovery are a common occurrence. Many people leave rehab riding a pink cloud and hope/believe that everything in their lives will just return to normal.  Just because you have learnt the tools and coping skills in rehab to deal with these temptations doesn’t mean it will be easy. It won’t be a matter of IF temptation arises, it will be WHEN, and what’s most important is how we deal or cope with them.

  1. Know the triggers.
  2. Avoid certain situations if you can.
  3. Have a plan.
  4. Remain vigilant.

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Triggers: People, places and things are the most common temptations or triggers. Be aware and diligent of the people in your lives that you may need to avoid permanently or just temporarily. Set clear boundaries for yourself and others. Although many places that may have been sites where you used or drank can’t be avoided (home, work, vehicle etc). We can be prepared and have a plan in place to handle those locations.

Situations: There are also many situations that should be avoided to ease the burden of temptation. We do not need to hang out at liquor establishments if possible. Don’t cruise the strip where you used to score dope. Until you are strong enough to handle the temptation stick to the recovery plan you have decided on and remain vigilant.

Plan: Have your recovery plan in place and follow it. Each time you do the right thing when temptation arises you gain integrity. Call a friend or Always Hope, meditate, exercise or try to play the tape in your mind to end and realize that the wrong decision can lead you back on your path of destructive and unhealthy behavior.

Remain vigilant: Recovery from an addiction is a process, it doesn’t occur instantaneously. Similar to education and schooling it takes time, sometimes years to know enough to maintain recovery. We learn from our mistakes and hopefully end up enjoying a successful life in recovery.

Temptations will always be there in life but it’s how you deal with them that determines the outcome. In all situations there will be the right decision to make and it is possible to avoid giving in to the temptation.