Addiction ruined my life

Addiction Ruined My Life

Addiction Ruined my Life

Knowing these facts did not stop Miranda, a 35-year-old executive, who was born and raised in Toronto and knew all of the statistics related to the drug and alcohol substance addiction problems. She was under the impression that a little partying with samplings of drugs, or a few drinks a day would not lead to addiction. Her sentiments were that addiction only happened to weak individuals, and she was not weak! “I can stop whenever I want,” said Miranda, however this did not occur! The feeling that addiction will not happen to you is a myth. It can take over a person’s life quickly, without warning or notice. An addiction problem does not discriminate.  It is one reason why it is so threatening since it can consume one’s life before he/she is even aware of its importance. Once this occurs, either the individual must seek help or suffer the consequences. Miranda knew this. However, she was in denial exhibiting the emotions and unrealistic behavior that many addicts so possess.

There was always a supply of marijuana and Crystal meth when needed; she spent a lot of weekends and holidays on Lake Erie, where she could easily buy a batch of meth.  Miranda began having problems at work, due to her absences and late arrivals on the job. She blamed everyone but herself for these mishaps; traffic, alarm not ringing, car not starting, etc. Yes, Miranda was in complete denial, and still is. She has lost her job, due to her inefficient work and inappropriate behavior, along with drug violations that have given her a misdemeanor record, but she is still confident that these actions are within a normal realm. What will it take to save Miranda from these poison substances? From a high powered executive to a welfare recipient, Miranda has not yet accepted her problem.

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Always Hope is well equipped to treating all types of substance abuse problems, from drugs to alcohol. All we can hope for is that Miranda does not wait too long for help since she has already lost so much!