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Am I addicted

Am I addicted?

You’re addicted when you’re no longer in control of what u use. You can get mental and / or physical dependence. Psychological dependency is when you are getting a strong desire for the product and you can not feel comfortably without it.

Physical dependence is particularly apparent habituation and withdrawal symptoms. Habituation means that the body gets used to the drug and are increasingly required to achieve the desired effect.

Withdrawal symptoms are the physical reactions to reduce or discontinue use. Often these withdrawal symptoms are not pleasant at all. One of the reasons people start using drugs again.

i am an addictNote that between experimenting and addiction, there are some intermediate steps. In the business you hear the words: experimental use, integrated or social use, overuse or habituation and dependence and addiction. Fact is: the further usage goes, the more problems you will endure in life. If you’re wondering to yourself whether a particular drug is already a problem, look at your daily life, do you function normally?

How about at school or at work? How is my financial situation? What about my social life? Were you already in contact with the police or justice? What about your health?

We are here to help you overcome this.

There is always hope!