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Decision, Decision: How do I Choose?

Decision: Why do people choose Always Hope Addiction Treatment?

With a multitude of different options available out there, I thought I’d highlight the benefits of Always Hope to help guide you in your decision. A one-size-fits-all mentality isn’t useful and so it is good there are many different facilities and philosophical ideologies to choose from. There are the tax-payer funded government funded programs, to the average priced private facilities and all the way up to the luxurious places for the rich and famous (celebrity rehab). We strive to be in the somewhere between the later 2, we have our cost at the low-end of the private facilities but the attention to detail, our luxurious facilities, our location and our small size allows us to be affordable for most people and also a place where you won’t be treated as just another statistic going through the system.

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Finding Strength in Recovery

Finding Strength in Recovery

In my previous blog I focused on my experience leading up to recovery. I will now touch on the process of getting help and the strength that was needed. It was shown to me by those who had walked a mile in my shoes in the past, and by family and friends who believed in me even when I was unsure of myself. Admitting I needed help was one of the lowest moments in my life, but now I see it was one of the most important. For the most part everything in life that I challenged myself with (school, sports, work and relationships) I had found a way to excel and achieve what I wanted, and it was very disheartening to feel hopeless in overcoming my dependance on painkillers.

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Addiction and Recovery: A 12 Year Old’s View

Addiction and Recovery: A 12 Year Old’s View

The last couple of years my oldest boy Jude has talked about things that happened in the past, and how things have changed for the better now that I accepted help for my addiction to oxys (oxycontin a narcotic pain killer). This is his recollection, testimony or testimonial of the time leading up to me going to rehab and the way things are today. These are his words (with only some grammatical errors corrected). He said it was fine for me to share with you so that people can gain the perspective of what a child experiences when their mom or dad is addicted. Although reading it brings back uncomfortable memories of what I put my family through, it is a true reflection of what Jude experienced. Thank you Jude for sharing and I love you!

addiction and family“My name is Jude I am 12 years old and 4 years ago my dad was hooked on oxys. We lived in Alberta, Canada and we were dairy farmers. I was only 8 or younger when my dad was hooked on oxys so I don’t really remember what it was like but I remember a little. Every other night my dad would go out to a town an hour away and I would go with him. We would always go to subway, sometimes go swimming and usually got home at around 9.

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Procrastination and Addiction

Procrastination won’t get you results

Procrastination or putting off till tomorrow what you could tackle today is a recipe for disaster. If addiction is controlling your life, tomorrow may not be an option. Many people procrastinate too long and unfortunately end up going to the bitter ends of jails, institutions or worse death. Today through the help of the twelve steps and/or addiction treatment there are options for you or your loved ones to have a better life. There is no need to continue just existing, why not start really living life and enjoying all the blessings the world has to offer.

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As most of us like to procrastinate to a certain extent (homework, cleaning house, etc) we come to accept that putting off until tomorrow is not such a big deal. But, to an addict who is still struggling to quit using it could mean life or death. Excuses become rampant as to why they can’t quit today (a job, family, it’s not so bad yet). Procrastinate getting help long enough and it could become “never“.

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Testimonial: Always Hope lived up to its Name

Testimonial: Always Hope lived up to its Name

During my four week stay at Always Hope, just this past month, I found that the facility definitely lived up to it’s name and this is my testimony or testimonial. I did not commit to this program without a good deal of thought. I had met the couple who developed the centre in the Dominican during my stay at a different treatment centre several years ago. Additionally, the excellent counsellor with whom I worked at Always Hope, had been the head counsellor at the afore mentioned centre. All of these folks had garnered my deep respect.

I arrived at a very low point in my battle with alcohol, having “slipped” once again, but I was very hopeful that these people…..these people who had been in my shoes at one time….. could help me. I was right. I was fortunate to have one on one time every day with the very knowledgeable and experienced counsellor. He helped me progress through the Twelve Step programme. I worked very hard at this, and in doing so, I was able to really assess where I’d been, what I tried to deal with on my own, what I needed to do about it and what I hoped for in my future. I came to realize that without the help of something or someone greater than myself, I would not be successful in maintaining sobriety.

With the unconditional support of everyone there, including two delightful kids, I left feeling not only confident and inspired, but rejuvenated.The facility itself is beyond compare. Each participant is made to feel welcome, and essentially becomes a part of the family. The rooms were private, each with an ensuite. Meals were communal, a private swimming pool was right outside my door, meetings could be attended every day, and activities and outings were abundant, though optional. So different from other places I’d been.

I have no reservations in recommending Always Hope to anyone who wants and needs a fresh start. They are there for you and this is my testimonial or testimony.

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